At Nucraft, we believe in beautiful connections. With interior trends. With industrial design leaders. Between craftsmanship and technology. All with the ultimate goal of helping people make connections with each other.


Prestigious awards for outstanding furniture solutions


Team members who pride themselves on quality craftsmanship


Years of providing beautiful, high-end furniture to people who care about design

For us, custom is not a foreign concept. In fact, we love specials. We know no one size fits all, so we’re always customizing dimensions, surface materials, power capabilities or packaging to design exactly to your needs.

Schedule an iSpec session for specification assistance. 


Long before collaboration became a buzzword, working together with our customers has been business as usual at Nucraft. We get to know you and your goals, which allows our people, in concert with your designers, to bring your ideas to reality.

Schedule an iSpec session for specification assistance. 

Design & Specification

No matter what size your project, Nucraft has the capacity. Our 300,000 sq.-ft. manufacturing facility can confidently handle a wide range of project sizes. We're vertically integrated, giving us greater control over our processes, fast and flexible response to accommodate change, and continuous improvement advantages.

Manufacturing & Shipping

Our tight focus on your needs continues through installation. We are there, at your facility, to ensure your project meets all your expectations before you move in. A Nucraft project manager will be your go-to expert to immediately answer your questions, deal with any issues, and keep you posted on progress.

Planning, Delivery & Installation