BIFMA Sustainability Policy


The purpose of this policy is to communicate Nucraft’s commitment to Sustainability through efforts that address our strategies to integrate sustainable design along with managing energy consumption and chemical usage as it impacts our associates and the environment.


This policy applies to all associates, facilities, products and corporate actions of Nucraft Furniture Co. This policy contains elements to support our commitment to the environment, chemical management, energy and conservation management, material usage, and sustainable design practices.


Nucraft will strive to have a positive effect on the Environment, respect Human Rights and promote Social Consciousness, and create Economic value for our stakeholders by committing our efforts to optimize usage of natural resources and materials, maximize utilization of energy and lowering the impact of chemicals on our associates and the environment. Along with adhering to all Federal, State and Local regulations and laws with respect to emissions, pollutions, or waste removal.
In pursuit of this policy, Nucraft commits to the following: