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Minimal and sleek, Kai has a knife-thin profile with a top that appears to float. Kai is a conference table meant to inspire while complimenting its surrounding space. Much like the elegant, yet highly visible, structural elements of a suspension bridge, the Camber Rail design acts as both an engineering innovation as well as a design element, providing strength to table expanses without requiring a center base.

Designed by Joey Ruiter

Joey Ruiter

Joey Ruiter is redefining expectations in the world of art and design. By pushing the limits to confront established expectations, his designs support everyday function in surprising ways. Joey’s eclectic mix ranges from office furniture to sculpture, concept watercraft to household objects.

Available Power & Technology Options:

Power Matrix™
Power Rails
Charging Stand
Charging Cube
Tech Zone

Best of NeoCon Gold Winner - 2014 Conference Tables

Kai Literature
Kai Literature
Kai Product Information
Kai Product Information