Flow Credenzas

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In multi-use meeting rooms and open floor plans, Flow Credenzas™ bring functionality and modern appeal to your unique space. Customizable options such as pull out drawers, shelves, and equipment racks accommodate technology, waste / recycling, and storage. Available in 4 heights (conference, buffet, low height, and wall hung), 4 base styles (inset, edge-mount, cradle, blade), and an endless combination of materials and veneer layups.

Joey Ruiter is redefining expectations in the world of art and design. By pushing the limits to confront established expectations, his designs support everyday function in surprising ways. Joey’s eclectic mix ranges from office furniture to sculpture, concept watercraft to household objects.

Flow™  Credenzas Symbols Library
Flow™  Credenzas Product Information
Flow™  Credenzas Product Information