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In multi-use meeting spaces where work and entertainment go hand-in-hand, credenzas are required to offer more than simple storage. With the Forena suite of credenzas, storage is only the beginning. Designed through a “resimmercial” lens, Forena is offered in four styles — 3 Credenzas, and a Media Island—each nuanced for various workspaces with features such as built-in soundbar space, refrigeration drawers, waste and recycling compartment, and equipment racking all enclosed within an elegant case.

Designed by Joseph Jeup

Joseph Jeup

Driven by instinctual talent and innate passion, Joseph Jeup embodies exceptional craftsmanship. He believes every detail is a design opportunity, and that uncompromising standards yield incomparable results. This philosophy has helped establish Jeup as world class designer with a devout following who regard his work as functional art. As an engineer and a designer, he uses both disciplines to tackle design from a broad perspective, which is what defines him as a craftsman and artist.

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Forena Product Information