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Baja brings comfortable elements of the home into the office. Its slender, sloping top accentuates the table’s graceful airiness, giving Baja an appropriate scale for casual or formal collaborative spaces. The top wraps around a slightly sloped hardwood edge for a seamless design that’s easy on the arms. The underside is a finished surface wrapped in a special resin to make it soft to the touch. Baja is available as a conference table or meeting table. 

Designed by Joey Ruiter

Joey Ruiter

Joey Ruiter is redefining expectations in the world of art and design. By pushing the limits to confront established expectations, his designs support everyday function in surprising ways. Joey’s eclectic mix ranges from office furniture to sculpture, concept watercraft to household objects.

Available Power & Technology Options:

Power Matrix™
Tech Node
Power Rails
Charging Stand
Charging Cube
Tech Zone
Power & USB Spec


Performance Credenzas

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Baja Product Information
Baja Product Information